Travel in threes to triple the fun at Kyoto Sanjo.

Three’s an odd number
but never a crowd.
Because if one of you is in a bad mood,
another one makes her laugh.
One-third is sad one moment,
but happiness triples in a flash.
Kyoto is of course fun when the three inseparable gals are in town.

Kimonos and picnics? Sounds good!
This nifty hostel with café
is filled with ideas
for traveling threesomes.

But first, let’s take a picture
at Sanjo Lady icon.
Just being yourself
and living life freely
without a care for age and appearance
– that’s who “Sanjo Ladies” are.
Sounds a lot like us, doesn’t it?
So ladies, what’s the plan for today?

  • Girls talk
    Clever ideas jazz up the never-ending girl talk.
  • Kyoto vibes
    Even more fun with events to connect with the locals.
  • Ladies only
    Safe, comfortable, and thoughtful services unique to a facility exclusively for women.
  • Easy rail access
    A fulfilling trip for ladies perfectly located near the Keihan Sanjo Station and major tourist spots.

We each have a unique travel style,
and at CAFETEL Kyoto Sanjo for Ladies,
you’re bound to find
the perfect style for you.
Be as active or as inactive as you’d like.
What’ll it be for you?