To ensure our Guests a safe and pleasant stay at CAFETEL KYOTO SANJO for Ladies (hereinafter referred to as the “Hotel” which includes the lodging facility, food and beverage facility, lobby, and other premises), Guests including visitors are kindly requested to observe the following House Regulations (hereinafter referred to as “Regulations”) established in accordance with Article 10 of the Terms and Conditions for Accommodation Contracts (hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions”).
 In the event a Guest fails to observe these House Regulations, the Hotel reserves the right to discontinue the Guest’s stay or use of the facilities in the Hotel in accordance with Article 7 paragraph 1 of the Terms and Conditions. Please also be advised that the Guest may be held liable for damages in some cases. The Terms and Conditions apply for all other particulars that are not mentioned on these Regulations.

1. Fire prevention

(1) Please do not bring in or use heating or cooking implements and such other electrical appliances.
(2) The Hostel is a non-smoking facility.
(3) Please refrain from all other conducts that may cause a fire.

2. Security

(1) During your stay, please lock the guest room door when leaving your room or while sleeping. If you see any suspicious persons, please contact the front desk immediately.
(2) Please keep and manage items such as baggage, cash, and valuables at your own responsibility during your stay. Please note that the Hotel does not keep your valuables during your stay. If you are using a room with a valuables locker, please use the locker in accordance with the following guidelines.
① The valuables locker can only be used from check-in to check-out.
② The valuables locker cannot be used to store items that can potentially soil or damage the locker, or items that have been stolen or obtained unlawfully. If there is a clear possibility that such items are stored, the Hotel may unlock the locker and dispose of the items without the Guest’s consent.
③ If the valuables locker is being used after check-out, the Hotel will unlock the locker and handle the items as stipulated in Article 16 of the Terms and Conditions.
(3) Goods such as baggage can be kept at the front desk during the accommodation period for paid service(if the item is deposited before your stay). If the items are not retrieved after that time, the Hotel will unlock the locker and handle the items as stipulated in Article 16 of the Terms and Conditions.
(4) Except in the case of an emergency, please do not enter private areas, including the staff area, emergency stairwell, and boiler room.

3. Precautions

a. About using the facilities
Our lodging facility is available exclusively to female guests. Male guests may use our food and drink facility but cannot enter the lodging area.
b. About using the Internet
(1) Please note that the Internet connection speed may decrease depending on the Guest’s device settings and network congestion.
(2) Please protect and manage the security of your communication device at your own responsibility.
(3) The Hotel will not assist you with your personal computer or communication device environment settings.
(4) You are free to use the Hotel’s Internet, but please refrain from viewing or using sites that go against public order and morals.
c. About laundry
You are free to use the laundry facility, but please retrieve your laundry promptly after use so that other guests can use it as well.

4. Emergencies

In the event of an emergency, guests using the Hotel are asked to follow the instructions of the Hotel staff.

5. Liabilities

The Hotel will not be liable for trouble between guests using our Hotel.

6. Hotel staff patrol

Please be informed that although our lodging facility is exclusively for female guests, cleaning within the floors, patrols, etc. may be carried out by male staff.

7. Prohibitions

Guests using the Hotel should observe the following prohibited actions so as not to disturb other guests. In the event that the Guest is deemed by Hotel staff to be causing a nuisance to other guests or the Hotel, the Guest may be asked to leave the Hotel.
(1) Loud talking or singing, disorderly conduct, and other actions that cause unpleasant feelings or a nuisance to other guests or the Hotel
(2) Bringing the following items:
① Dogs (excluding assistance dogs, such as guide dogs, hearing dogs, and service dogs), cats, small birds, and other pets
② Explosives that ignite easily, volatile oils, dangerous products, items that emit offensive odors, items whose possession is prohibited by law
③ An excessive quantity of items
④ Contrabands or items that make other guests feel uneasy
(3) Gambling, conducts that cause public disorder, or behaviors and speech that disturb other guests
(4) Causing a nuisance to other guests or the Hotel while under the influence of sleeping pills or other drugs
(5) Disposing of garbage generated at the Hotel without following the sorting method prescribed by the Hotel
(6) Inviting visitors who have not signed an accommodation contract with the Hotel into the guest room or allowing them to use various furnishings and articles in the guest room
(7) Using the furnishings and articles of the Hotel in ways other than originally intended
(8) Removing articles from the Hotel or changing their locations
(9) Modifying the building, furnishings, or articles of the Hotel by installing objects
(10) Opening the room window at times other than in an emergency
(11) Distributing advertisements or publicity material, posting notices, selling goods, soliciting, conducting business activities, petitioning, etc. at the hotel
(12) Leaving belongings in the hall, lobby, etc. (The Hotel may store the item or check the contents if the belongings are left for a long time.)
(13) Bringing in or ordering foods and drinks from outside the Hotel
(14) Using facilities other than the lodging facility in sleepwear and slippers
(15) Driving a vehicle, riding a bicycle, etc. under the influence of alcohol

8. Regulation amendments

Please be informed that these regulations are subject to change without notice.