Keihan Stays Co., Ltd. (hereinafter the “Company”) establishes the following social media policy (hereinafter the “Policy”) in managing the Company’s official social media (including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube) accounts to inform customers about CAFETEL products, services, and staff vision.

1. Management Policy

The Company operates the official accounts for sending sales information for products, services, and other promotions.

2. Applicable Targets

This Policy applies to viewers and users (hereinafter “Users”) of the Company’s official accounts. Users who view and/or use the Company’s official accounts are deemed to have agreed with this Policy.

3. Prohibitions

The Company prohibits the following acts on the Company’s official accounts. At the Company’s discretion, the Company can delete prohibited posts or comments and block the User's account without notifying the User.

(1) Acts that hinder management of the official accounts
(2) Posting information unrelated to the official accounts
(3) Acts contrary to laws, public order, and morals
(4) Political, electoral, and religious activities
(5) Acts that violate the human rights and privacy of other users, the Company’s staff, or a third party
(6) Acts that infringe trademark rights, copyrights, portrait rights, and other intellectual property rights of the Company or a third party
(7) Acts of identifying, disclosing, or leaking personal information of other users, the Company’s staff, or a third party without the consent of the person himself or herself
(8) Impersonating other users, the Company, or a third party
(9) Slandering, defaming, or damaging the reputation or credibility of the Company or a third party
(10) Commercial activities such as the introduction and promotion of goods, services, shops, companies, and the like of your own or another person
(11) Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate

4. Disclaimers

(1) The operation of official accounts may be changed or terminated without notice. After the contents are changed, only the contents after the change will be valid, and the contents before the change will be invalid.
(2) The Company will not be responsible for any damage to the User caused by a change, suspension of operation, or use of the official accounts.
(3) The Company does not guarantee accuracy or validity of the information provided on the official accounts.
(4) The copyright and other rights of the posted content belong to the User who made the post. By posting on the Company’s official accounts, it is deemed that the User consents to the Company’s free and non-exclusive use (copying, processing, excerpting, releasing, etc.) of the posted content in Japan and overseas, and agrees not to exercise copyright and moral rights, and other rights of the copyright holder.
(5) The Company may post information such as comments, images, videos, etc. submitted by the User on the Company’s official accounts on the Company’s printed matter, website, and other media for the purpose of advertisement and promotion without obtaining the consent of the User.
(6) The Company's official announcements and views are disclosed on news releases, the Company’s official website, and other official media. Please be forewarned that not all of the information posted on the Company’s official accounts necessarily represent official announcements and views.

5. Choice of Law and Jurisdiction

This Policy will be interpreted and applied in accordance with Japanese law. The Kyoto District Court will have exclusive primary jurisdiction on all disputes arising with respect to the use of social media.

6. Inquiries and Replies

The Company does not reply to all comments or posts through social media. The Company may use the message function on social media to contact the User as necessary.